Customers continue to realise the value of recording their business telecoms activity. When it comes to understanding their business and managing their important customer interactions, voice recording may be the single most important tool.

Apart from providing an important toolset for managing and improving an organisations contact centre and customer interface, there are often legal, security and compliance requirements for organisations to record.

Therefore, due to the business critical nature of recording applications, a high touch and high level of expertise is required for successful implementations and happy customers.

Coupled with the customer demand for recording, is the continued evolution of the telephony and IT environment. This heavily impacts the recording industry and it is important to have a range of solutions that can deal with both the customer demand for competitive and feature rich solutions and the technical requirements from the telephony and IT infrastructure environment.

CVT has a diverse range of recording solutions, technical skills and broad experience in both compliance including PCI-DDS, HIPPA, BASLII and more and quality management recording implementations for Microsoft SFB, TDM, IP and hybrid environments.

Important features of CVT recording solutions include; scalable and reliable solution architecture, specific integrations with PBX vendors, high-level security and compliance features, full quality management features including screen,Chat-IM,Video recording and agent evaluation reporting, APIs available for custom integrations, advanced speech analytics for keyword spotting, transcription and emotion detection.

CVT move along with the market transformation and migration of companies telcomnumication infrastructure from TDM PBXs to IP and Microsoft SFB. The demand on recording for Microsoft SFB has been on the rise and CVT was one of the first companies to bring to market an award winning innovative interaction recording solution for Skype for Business that is certified by Microsoft to Asia market. The solution is further enhanced with additional modules for Quality Management, Screen Recording and PCI/Sensitive information masking, and is scalable for SMLE (Small, Medium and Large Enterprises).